Trumps says “Obamacare is dead” after House passes Trumpcare

The GOP Healthcare bill has passed in the House with 217 Yea vote vs. 213 Nay vote today (May 4, 2017).

This is a major victory for President Trump and the GOP. Previously, President Trump and House Republicans retreated and cancelled the vote for the American Health Care Act on March 24, 2017. That was a major defeat for President Trump and House Republicans who aimed to replace the Obamacare (Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010) with Trumpcare.

Today it is a totally new atmosphere in Capitol Hill. After passing the bill, President Trump praises the GOP leaders, “what a great group of people. They are doing for this country. This is a repeal and replace of Obmacare. Make no mistake about it.” President Trump also says, “People were suffered so badly with the ravages of the Obamacare,” and  promised, “Your premium will come down.” House Speaker Paul Ryan says, ” Thank you Mr. President. Thank you for your leadership.”



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